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The music created by Black Chamber Orchestra is the result of many years’ worth of reflection, musical sensations, and sound experimentation.


Deeply inspired by the classical composers’ heritage, Black Chamber Orchestra’s music also draws its originality from black metal and electronic music sources.


Thus, the musical universe created by Black Chamber Orchestra boarders on several different worlds : between Beethoven, Dimmu Borgir and Venetian Snares.


A first album, “Black Chamber Orchestra”, mixed and mastered by Gautier Serre (Igorrr), has been released end of 2021.


Black Chamber Orchestra is made up of musicians : Aymeric Terrasse on the piano, organ and harpsichord, Stéphane Faure on the guitars, and Rémi Subjobert, the group’s founder and composer, on the electronics. In 2023, Maélig Leguern, singer, joins the band.




Maélig Leguern : voice

Aymeric Terrasse : piano, organ, harpsichord

Stéphane Faure : guitars

Rémi Subjobert : keyboards and the electronics